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"Whipping up the perfect foam core ultra sign just for you!"

Custom Foam Core Ultra Signs

You may think you're familiar with this material, but you're not. That's because Foam Core Ultra is a unique material exclusive to TheSignChef.

Regular foam core, commonly used in school presentations, is comprised of a foam interior covered with a smooth paper coating. You're probably asking yourself, "Why would I ever want a paper sign?" You wouldn't! That's why here at TheSignChef, we only offer Foam Core Ultra custom signs.

Foam Core Ultra signs are a far superior version of regular foam core signs. They are coated with a thin, solid and perfectly smooth plastic. The difference is like eating fresh lobster and frozen fish sticks!

While regular foam core signs are delicate and easily susceptible to damage, Foam Core Ultra is much more resistant to scratches and indentations and banged-up corners. Foam Core Ultra is still lightweight and economically priced, (in fact, Foam Core Ultra costs no more than regular foam core!) and it's also completely waterproof and durable enough for handing and transportation. Foam Core Ultra is a popular sign material for corporate and sales presentations, mission statements for office lobbies, tradeshows and mounting posters.

Here are the key points to know about custom Foam Core Ultra signs:

The Foam Core Ultra material itself is:
  • Coated in high quality smooth plastic on
    both sides
  • 3/16" foam
  • Completely waterproof
  • Recommended for indoor and temporary
    outdoor use
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Ideal for use in presentations
  • Resistant to dents, scratches and
  • Economically priced
Plus, Foam Core Ultra signs are completely
  • You can get any size you want
  • Any shape
  • Any design, artwork, photo or logo can
    be used for Foam Core Ultra signs
  • Any colors
  • Any shape

Instant Sign Prices

Sometimes, all you want is the bottom line!

Our online Foam Core Ultra sign pricing tool instantly calculates the exact prices on custom Foam Core Ultra signs, shows you quantity discounts, and even lets you compare this product to other indoor sign alternatives!

And don't forget…at TheSignChef, shipping for Foam Core Ultra signage and all other indoor and outdoor signs is free for orders within the continental US greater than $50 for ground and greater than $400 for freight, and orders outside the state of South Carolina are tax-free!

Custom Sign Colors

We offer more colors for Foam Core Ultra signs than anyone out there on the web!

You can now choose from ANY color under the sun when designing your new signage. You can even include photographs, gradients and other elaborate graphics!

Big or Small, We Do It All!

While most sign companies are setting limits to what size your Foam Core Ultra sign can be, we create Foam Core Ultra signs in every size imaginable!

Foam Core Ultra signage from TheSignChef comes in sizes up to 4' x 8' in a single, seamless sheet. This is the very largest, rigid, seamless sign panel available in the market today. If you need a sign that is larger than that, no worries! Just let us know, and we'll make sure to get you any size Foam Core Ultra sign you need.

We custom cut more shapes for Foam Core Ultra signs than any other sign company!

Unlike most sign companies who only make standard shaped signs, TheSignChef will cut your Foam Core Ultra signage to ANY custom shape you desire! We cut uniquely shaped signs daily!

Pictured below are a few custom sign shapes to get your creative juices flowing. If you need an foam core sign in an even more unique shape, just let us know. We'll make sure you get exactly the custom sign that you need!

Custom Sign Shapes

Because the sign board itself is lightweight, displaying Foam Core Ultra signage is easy! We can make your sign with a full adhesive back for quick and easy mounting to nearly any surface. You can also easily mount your Foam Core Ultra sign using double sided tape, suction cups, Velcro, frames, stakes or grommets.

Or if you'd like to hang your foam core sign, just let us know. We can drill holes to the top of your sign to simplify the hanging process!

"I just wanted to write and let you know that your website made it easy for me to design a sign, my final design draft was sent for my approval very quickly, and my sign shipped so fast and got here in plenty of time for my anniversary.

The whole process was pleasant and efficient, and your customer service is great. I will order from you in the future when I need another sign. Thanks again for your great service."


"Your company's ordering process was smooth, and we are very satisfied with the signs you produced for us.

I can say that I searched for our needs via the web for a few days before coming across your site. I found it very easy to understand what I was getting from you and all communication was excellent.

Again thank you for your time and product."

Jason Maurer
Cardinal Health

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Foam Core Ultra Signs

"What are the differences between Foam Core Ultra and regular foam core?"

The main difference between these two materials is that regular foam core has a cardboard coating on both sides of its interior foam, whereas Foam Core Ultra is coated with plastic.

Both materials are lightweight, fairly rigid and are used for the same types of signage.

But you will run into the following problems with regular foam core:

Alternatively, with our Foam Core Ultra you won't need to worry about any of those problems. Foam Core Ultra is plastic coated, durable, waterproof, scratch and dent resistant.

Foam Core Ultra has everything you were looking for in a foam core sign, only more!

"What kind of signage is Foam Core Ultra most commonly used for?"

Foam Core Ultra is intended for inside use and temporary outdoor use. It is not recommended for long-term outdoor purposes. As such, Foam Core Ultra is ideal for use in schools, corporate and sales presentations, point-of-purchase signage, tradeshow signs, mounting posters and mission statements in office lobbies. But go ahead and use your imagination — the possibilities are endless!

"What sizes can I order my Foam Core Ultra Sign in?"

Your Foam Core Ultra sign can be any size you want! Unlike most companies, we don't put a limit on the size of your signage. Our largest single, seamless piece of Foam Core Ultra is 4'x8', but we can put multiple panels together to create a sign as large as you want.

"What kind of image can I use on Foam Core Ultra?"

The sky is the limit! Your graphics can be vector, photographical or both. And your color choices are never-ending! Choose any color in the rainbow for your background, graphics or text.

"Why are regular Foam Core signs such a piece of junk?"

picture of a custom foam core sign

Let me tell you why!

Many people choose Foam Core for their custom signage because it is lightweight, rigid and economically priced. But what they don't know is how sensitive to damage the material really is.

Foam Core is 3/16" thick foam with a smooth paper coat on both sides. This material…

In short, after very little handling, your Foam Core sign will begin to look unprofessional.

Introducing Foam Core Ultra!

Here at TheSignChef, we prefer a little something called Foam Core Ultra. This is a completely different product than Foam Core, but has all of its good ingredients and none of the bad. Foam Core Ultra is 3/16" thick foam, and is coated on both sides in perfectly smooth plastic, rather than paper.

Foam Core Ultra is as lightweight as Foam Core but far more rigid. It is more dent resistant than Foam Core and is completely waterproof. So Foam Core Ultra is better for signs that are handled and transported repeatedly.

"How many signs do I have to order at once?"

The choice is yours! We are capable of handling any project of any size. You can order one or thousands of Foam Core Ultra Signs at once!

"Is Foam Core Ultra suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?"

Foam Core Ultra Signs are perfect for indoor use. Outdoor use is also okay in short spurts, but we do not recommend using Foam Core Ultra for long-term, outdoor signs.

"How can I mount or hang my Foam Core Ultra Sign?"

Since Foam Core Ultra is so lightweight, you can easily mount it many different ways. We can fit your sign with a full adhesive back that will stick to virtually any surface!

You can also easily mount your Foam Core Ultra sign using double sided tape, suction cups, Velcro, frames, stakes or grommets.

Or if you'd like to hang your Foam Core Ultra sign from the ceiling, just let us know. We can drill holes in the top of your sign to simplify the hanging process!

"How quickly can I get my sign designed, produced and delivered?"

Up-To-The-Minute Custom Foam Core Sign Production Update!

We still have a few spots OPEN in today's schedule. So if you place your order today, our Art Department will e-mail you a proof tomorrow.

Wouldn’t you prefer to get this foam core signage project off your plate so you can move on to other important tasks? You can design & order your custom Foam Core Ultra sign now and instantly save 15%-30% at checkout or call us now at 1-800-899-6272 and we’ll reserve your spot in today’s schedule for a proof.
"I demand accurate, on-time production from myself and my team on even the smallest of foam core signage projects." - Delio Campo

"Most orders ship within 1-3 days... if you need your order even faster, just let me know. I’ll make sure to get it out for you!"

"How do I know that my custom Foam Core Ultra sign will turn out the way I want?"

With almost 25 years in the custom sign industry, we continue to exceed customer expectations and guarantee our work with 100% satisfaction

Are you concerned that your custom Foam Core Ultra signs may not turn out the way you want?

After all, we are probably hundreds of miles away from you, so how can you be certain your order will turn out right? Fortunately, it only takes seconds to transmit full-color custom Foam Core sign designs from our computer to yours because e-mails travel so fast these days.

Upon order approval, here’s how the process works:

  1. First, your order goes straight to our Art Department
  2. Our graphic designer will then e-mail you a proof
    (a “proof” is a picture of what your sign will look like)
  3. Once you review the layout, let us know if you would like to see any changes, and …
  4. If you have any changes, we will e-mail you proofs as needed until you’re completely happy with your design.

"Do you offer any buyer protection guarantees?"

Yes! Every Foam Core Ultra sign order comes with a 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee

Don't let OTHER indoor sign companies give you the run-around, we stand behind all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, even if we have to pay for it!

Sometimes, we make mistakes. We are only human after all. But it's how a business handles mistakes that counts, wouldn't you agree? So if we do happen to overlook something on your order, we will bend over backwards to make you happy. We stand behind our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

We will promptly replace any product that is defective in workmanship or that is different from what you approved. And for your trouble, you'll even get a very pleasant surprise gift.

"Is your website secure and credit card safe?"

Does the thought of buying custom Foam Core Ultra signs online with a credit card leave you feeling a bit anxious?

Are you worried you might be taking an unnecessary risk? With all the bad press about credit card fraud and card numbers getting stolen by hackers, it's wise to proceed with caution. We can understand if you still have some personal concerns about the safety of your credit card information.

  1. Security is our #1 priority when we are processing your foam core sign order online. We utilize the latest in encryption technology and locked-down, firewalled internet serversOur system uses the latest 256-bit Encryption SSL technology as used by the Banking Industry,, and thousands of other online merchants
  2. SSL technology works by encrypting all your personal and credit card information so it can travel over the internet without being intercepted by thieves
  3. And as an added precaution, the moment you complete your Foam Core Ultra sign order online and the charges are authorized by your credit card company, your credit card information is INSTANTLY DELETED from our data-base. It's the same as if you walked into our business, charged your order and then we SHREDDED your credit card receipt.