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Are You Worried About Magnetic Signs Scratching Your Paint Finish?

How much is a new paint job on a vehicle these days? Hundreds of dollars right? Or if your paint job is damaged by using cheap magnetic signs, you could take a serious loss on the resell value of your vehicle.

Almost every sign company in America uses the same type of cheap magnetic sign material. Brands vary, but the type remains the same. Ordinary magnetic signs offer zero protection from the magnetic material itself rubbing and wearing against your vehicle's delicate paint finish.

Our ScratchGuard™ Magnetic Signs will not damage your vehicle with rust or scratches
Why take a chance using ordinary
magnetic signs? ScratchGuard™
Magnetic Signs also protect against rust!
ScratchGuard™ Brand Magnetic Signs
Material is dramatically different

Patented Magnetic Sign technology gives you the piece of mind that you are buying the best product in the industry

ScratchGuard™ Magnetic Signs have a highly durable, micro-thin protective film which is permanently bonded to the magnetic sheeting. This critical layer of protection has been specifically designed to preserve the expensive finish on your vehicle not just from scratches, but from surface rust too!

Since this protective layer prevents the magnetic material itself from coming in contact with the painted surface, you never have to worry about ScratchGuard™ Magnetic Signs damaging your paint.

Our Magnetic Signs are available in full-color graphics and large sizesI've always liked the idea of advertising my business using my personal vehicle, but I was worried the magnetics would ruin my car doors. I'm glad I finally came across a material I don't have to worry about scratching my paint.

So that gave me an idea. Since I've got a few employees, I asked them if they would help us get our name out there by putting magnetic signs on their cars. Only a couple of them balked until I told them about the ScratchGuard Magnetic Material you offer.

Now, I've got cars and trucks running all over town advertising our business. And we are getting new calls every week from people saying they saw our magnetic signs and want a quote.

It's absolutely the best investment I've ever made in advertising my business. Feel free to pass this tip along to your other clients.


Chris Lanoue
South Carolina
LA New Power Washing, LLC

Up-To-The-Minute Custom Magnetic Sign Production Update!

We still have a few spots OPEN in today's schedule. So if you place your order today, our Art Department will e-mail you a proof tomorrow.

Wouldn’t you prefer to get this magnetic signage project off your plate so you can move on to other important tasks? You can design and order your custom magnetic now and instantly save 15%-30% at checkout or call us now at 1-800-899-6272 and we’ll reserve your spot in today’s schedule for a proof.
"I demand accurate, on-time production from myself and my team on even the smallest of magnetic sign projects." - Delio Campo

"Most orders ship within 1-3 days... if you need your order even faster, just let me know. I’ll make sure to get it out for you!"

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Magnetic Signs

"Are ScratchGuard™ Magnetic Signs more expensive?"

The raw material cost for this specialty magnetic material is understandably higher. However, because of our expansion nationally, we deal directly with the manufacturer and are able to offer Scratch*GuardTM Custom Magnetic Signs to you at no additional charge.

"How can I design my magnetic sign?"

You can design your own magnetic signs right here online from the comfort and convenience of your own chair. And as you see your design develop on screen, you'll also see the price automatically update as you add or delete options. However, we highly recommend you watch the demo first.

Using the SignMagic Design Wizard is kind of like learning to ride a bike. Once you know how, it's pretty easy. The online demo will substantially shorten the learning curve to just a few minutes instead of hours. You'll save yourself a ton of time and actually have a lot more fun as you test your ideas.

Does the thought of creating a design from scratch leave you feeling a little timid or hesitant because you might not "get it right"?

Do you know exactly how to judge a good design from a poor one? Most signs are just "average" - plain, boring and virtually invisible. They blend in with the landscape and the rest of the visual clutter we are all exposed to.

The single most important aspect of your new custom magnetic signs will be the design. Putting design first as a priority in your buying decisions is the key to unleashing your sign's full advertising potential. Properly designed signs:

So if you prefer to have our Art Department design your magnetic signs, just call us at 1-800-899-6272 or e-mail at

"What if there is plastic on my vehicle door?"


If you've had body work done and there's too much plastic body filler in the doors, the magnetic material may not have enough metal to stick to. Additionally, some new model car doors and bodies are actually made of plastic. Before ordering magnetic signs, just be sure the doors on your vehicle are “magnetic receptive”.

You can use any refrigerator magnet to test the doors if you have any doubts.

"What's the best alternative to magnetic signs?"

Custom Magnetic signs are the only choice if you need the flexibility of taking the signs on and off. However, unless you absolutely need to take your signs off regularly, vinyl lettering may be the better choice for you.

You can easily apply (and it is easy) vinyl lettering to your doors, along the bed of a truck, the tailgate and even the windows.

Turn your ordinary business vehicle into a mobile advertisement campaign!

Vinyl lettering does not require any maintenance of any kind, plus you can enjoy these added benefits:

Since there's no background, vinyl lettering and graphics display a cleaner, more professional & “permanent” image of your business.

And with our exclusive "Goof Proof Guarantee", we take all the risk. You'll get professional results every time, but at substantially reduced, do-it-yourself prices. Here's the link to Vinyl Letters if you wish to compare your options.

"What are some marketing ideas for magnetic signs?"

How to make your Small Business a household name on a shoestring budget.

Custom magnetic signs present business owners with one of the most targeted forms of advertising available. While riding in your own local business community and neighborhood, your mobile advertising will be seen by thousands of potential customers annually.

Draw immediate attention to your business with a full-color, car door Magnetic Sign

Custom magnetic signs make an average of 130 advertising impressions per mile. So if you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year, that’s nearly TWO MILLION impressions your magnetic signs can make in just the first year alone!

As “locals” keep seeing your message, your business develops stronger name recognition and recall within your travel area. Becoming a household name over time is automatic because custom magnetic signs can literally “brand” your business name into the minds of your future customers, just by driving around.

There's something comfortable about doing business with people we are familiar with. So if your name is familiar and remembered when your products and services are needed most, you drastically increase your opportunities to attract new customers.

"How do I know that my custom magnetic signage will turn out the way I want?"

With almost 20 years in the magnetic signage industry, we continue to exceed customer expectations and guarantee our work with 100% satisfaction

Are you concerned that your custom magnetic may not turn out the way you want?

After all, we are probably hundreds of miles away from you so how can you be certain your order will turn out right? Fortunately, it only takes seconds to transmit full-color custom magnetic sign designs from our computer to yours because e-mails travel so fast these days.

Upon order approval, here’s how the process works:

  1. First, your order goes straight to the Art Department
  2. Our Graphic Designer will then e-mail you a proof
    (a “proof” is a picture of what your sign will look like)
  3. Once you review the layout, let us know if you would like to see any changes, and …
  4. If you have any changes, we will e-mail you proofs as needed until you’re completely happy with your design.

"Do you offer any buyer protection guarantees?"

Yes! Every magnetic signage order comes with a 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee

Don't let OTHER magnetic signage companies give you the run-around, we stand behind all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, even if we have to pay for it!

Sometimes, we make mistakes. We are only human after all. But it's how a business handles mistakes that counts, wouldn't you agree? So if we do happen to overlook something on your order, we will bend over backwards to make you happy. We stand behind our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

We will promptly replace any product that is defective in workmanship or that is different from what you approved. And for your trouble, you'll even get a very pleasant surprise gift.

"Is your website secure and credit card safe?"

Does the thought of buying custom magnetic signs online with a credit card leave you feeling a bit anxious?

Are you worried you might be taking an unnecessary risk? With all the bad press about credit card fraud and card numbers getting stolen by hackers, it's wise to proceed with caution. We can understand if you still have some personal concerns about the safety of your credit card information.

  1. Security is our #1 priority when we are processing your magnetic signage order online. We utilize the latest in encryption technology and locked-down, firewalled internet serversOur system uses the latest 256-bit Encryption SSL technology as used by the Banking Industry,, and thousands of other online merchants
  2. SSL technology works by encrypting all your personal and credit card information so it can travel over the internet without being intercepted by thieves
  3. And as an added precaution, the moment you complete your custom magnetic sign order online and the charges are authorized by your credit card company, your credit card information is INSTANTLY DELETED from our data-base. It's the same as if you walked into our business, charged your order and then we SHREDDED your credit card receipt.