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Looking For High Strength Weather Proof Sign Backing Material?

Choosing the right materials for your outdoor sign can make an oustanding difference.


The Dibond sign material is made of both aluminum and plastic sign material. Two factory-painted sheets of aluminum are permanently bonded to both sides of a high density plastic core, sandwiching the plastic sign panel in between.

The solid plastic core adds body, thickness and rigidity to the sheet. In fact, Dibond metal signs have 10 times more strength than a sheet of .040” aluminum making it the 4th strongest sign panel (ARMOUR-Wood metal signs are #1 in panel strength). Yet the material is still lightweight at only 32 pounds for an entire 4’ x 8’ sheet.

Dibond Offers More Finishes and Color Options Than Any Other Rigid Sign Panel On The Market Today

From classic black and white to bright gold, bronze, mirror silver and marble finishes, Dibond metal signs can help your business signage project a highly professional corporate image.


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Here are the key points to know about custom Dibond signs: Plus, custom dibond signs are highly versatile

I run a winery outside of San Fransisco, CA and I needed a big sign that would really stand out from all the rest. I wanted to bring out specific colors that represented what my business does, and there just wasn't much available around town. When I called TheSignChef they suggested using Dibond because of its strength and color variety.

When I got my Dibond sign, I knew I had the perfect representation for my business.

Thanks a bunch,

Mark K.

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