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Are you wasting money buying the wrong type of real estate signs?

Do you even know what your options are?

With so many different sign materials like Coroplast, Reprocor and Polyethylene Plastic, it’s easy to get confused.  To make matters worse, some national suppliers still claim to use Duron (pressed board) for their real estate signs. However, the Masonite Corporation stopped manufacturing Duron way back in March, 2004.  I wonder what they are really printing on?

Duron was never intended for outdoor real estate signs anyway because it wasn’t waterproof. With so many weatherproof substrates (background materials) available, why take a chance?

So which substrate is right for you? Since our inception, in 1986, we’ve seen a number of background materials come and go in the sign industry. But two distinctively different types of signs have long stood the test of time.

One is Aluminum and the second is Corrugated Plastic.
With either option, you can’t go wrong. It’s really just a matter of personal preference.

What are the advantages of Aluminum Real Estate Signs?
If you prefer to project the highest quality image, aluminum real estate signs are still the best choice. Aluminum metal signs are factory painted with a smooth, high gloss, baked-on enamel finish. And since the paint is guaranteed by the manufacturer against fading, peeling or flaking for a full 10 years, aluminum real estate signs are the most economical to use.

When should you choose Corrugated Plastic Real Estate Signs instead?
Should you prefer to save a few dollars, the second best sign material to use is heavy duty, 6mm thickness, corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic signs look like “plastic cardboard”.  This honeycomb design gives this lightweight plastic its strength and rigidity.

picture of the coroplast corrugated plastic sign materialCorrugated plastic signs are sold under several popular brand names including: Coroplast, Cor-X and Reprocor; however, there is no observable difference from one manufacturer’s brand to the next.

The Corrugated Sign Myth Exposed

Corrugated plastic signs aren’t quite as “cheap” as they look. Real estate agents often assume these plastic signs are dirt cheap because the materials look so cheap. It’s true; the corrugated plastic sign material itself is much cheaper than aluminum.

Furthermore, the cost difference between aluminum and corrugated plastic is only about $4.00 (for a standard 18” x 24” sign).  And just in case you didn’t know, it takes exactly the same amount of time, equipment, overhead and skilled manpower to design and print a corrugated plastic sign as it does an aluminum sign.

So the only cost difference to make an aluminum sign instead of a Coroplast sign is the difference in the cost of the sign panels themselves.  Yet an aluminum sign looks far more professional and will last at least 5 times longer than a Coroplast corrugated plastic sign.

Do you know the biggest difference between Coroplast and aluminum signs?  
It’s the stakes and frames.

Coroplast sign stakes are much cheaper to buy.  They don’t last as long, but the initial cost savings can appear substantial if you’re buying several signs at once.

The heavy duty sign frames for aluminum signs cost more initially.  But since they will outlast Coroplast sign stakes, they are actually more economical to use.

In case you’re still confused, here’s our recommendation …
Don’t worry about the sign material itself.  If your design uses the right triggers and attractors, your new real estate signs will keep paying you back over and over again, no matter which material you choose.

picture of a woman using SignMagicYou can start the process right now by using SignMagic (even if it’s 4:00 in the morning). SignMagic is our online design wizard and it is absolutely free to use for as long as you like.  If you never used a design tool like this before, you’re going to love it!  It’s the perfect design tool for non-graphic designers, just like you.  As you type, the design literally begins to take shape right on your monitor!

As soon as you submit your order, our Art Department will immediately transform your ideas into an eye-catching, lead generating design. We have to work a little harder, but we believe your business is worth it.  Don’t you?

If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,
Tim Harrelson, Head Sign Chef Signature
Tim Harrelson

P. S.
Does the thought of designing your own sign from scratch leave you feeling a bit uneasy? If you prefer, we’ll be happy to perform this service for you. Just give us a call and we’ll help you get the ball rolling!