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How can a real estate sign help sell a house in Charleston, SC if it looks like "plastic cardboard"?

One Charleston sign company dispels the myths about Coroplast real estate signs.

I sat down with the owner of, a Charleston, SC 29418 company, to get his viewpoint on Coroplast signs. Coroplast for sale signs have gotten a bad rap over the years. Because they are so inexpensive, many people have the idea that they have to look cheap.

The following is the interview that I had with the CEO of, Tim Harrelson.

Me: Why would someone here in Charleston choose to use Coroplast for their sign?

Custom Coroplast signs are an inexpensive sign that can be used as outdoor signage for up to 2 years or indoors, almost indefinitely. Most real estate companies wouldn't want to spend a large amount on a sign that was intended for short term outdoor use. This is a good alternative.

Me: What exactly is a for sale sign made of Coroplast plastic, anyway?

Coroplast is a tough, waterproof, corrugated plastic sign material which resembles the appearance of "plastic cardboard". The hollow-fluted, honeycomb design makes this sign material extremely lightweight, easy to handle and display in a number of ways.

Me: Are there any precautions we should know about before choosing a corrugated custom Coroplast real estate sign?

The number one thing I would point out is that high winds can damage corrugated sign material. The standard thickness of Coroplast is only 4 mil, about a 3/16" thick. We have areas here in Charleston that get a lot of wind and off shore breezes so a company should take that into consideration when deciding whether custom Coroplast signs are right for their needs.

Me: If the signs are only temporary, why not use something like poster board as a for sale sign?

Poster board isn't at all waterproof and it bends over easily. After the first rain or breeze, the sign is trashed.

Me: What other kinds of custom signs can you make with Coroplast besides real estate signs?

A few of the more common uses for corrugated plastic are yard signs, real estate signs, garage sales, golfing events and of course political signs. There are a lot of custom uses for Coroplast signs, but those are some of the most popular.

Me: Are there size limits to how big you can make a Coroplast sign?

That will depend on whether you want to keep the sign on a single sheet or if you want multiple sheets installed together. Single sheets are the most common. We can make a sign up to 4' x 8' on one piece of Coroplast. And up to 1/2" in thickness.

Me: Why do Coroplast signs have a cheap look?

Coroplast signs don't have to look cheap at all. If you invest a few minutes creating a nice design (or having one made for you), Coroplast signs can be easily customized to look quite expensive, at a low cost point. It will convey a clear message to your audience. If you don't take the time to design them properly though, they can look very cheap.

Me: What if you don't know how to custom design a real estate sign? is always happy to help customers with custom designing Coroplast corrugated plastic signs. We recently started a new service we call Live Design. We developed Live Design to allow clients to work directly with our art department to get the exact look they want from their sign.

Me: That sounds expensive. Would you want to spend the money on it for just a short term for sale sign?

Live Design is a free service. You get 33 minutes of one-on-one time with a graphic designer. They make any changes that you want and help guide you if you aren't exactly sure how you want your sign to look.

Me: That sounds like a neat service, but what if you already know how you want your sign. Do you have any "insider" tips for our readers?

There are several ways you can enhance and customize the appearance of your Coroplast sign. Adding a border helps focus the eyes on the message. You can use more than one color to give it contrast. You can also add a logo or a graphic. That helps draw attention to the sign.

Me: That's great information! I am sure our Charleston readers will appreciate it. One last do you recommend showing off your yard sign?

There are a variety of ways that you can display the signs. You can hang them up, there are stakes designed specifically for Coroplast signs, you can use double sided tape or suction cups. There are even frames available for display purposes. They are commonly used in the real estate industry.

Me: If our readers have more questions about Coroplast plastic signs, where can they get more information?

We give information on our web site at, and of course they can always contact us at our office. We are happy to answer questions and help you make educated choices about your sign needs.

Me: Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with me. The information about Coroplast signs was great. I am sure that our Charleston readers will appreciate the information you shared with us.

Thank you!

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