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How to get custom 3D Wood, Metal or Plastic Sign Letters for your storefront in Charleston, SC

Custom 3D letters made from wood, metal, plastic, brass and foam (yes, good ole' Styrofoam) are a big part of the sign industry. They are an attractive way to highlight your business. And with all the letter styles that are available, you can get the exact look to suit your Charleston storefront.

Some are less expensive and still have a professional look. Others are on the high end of the price scale. With the economy as it is today, we try to help our customers balance cost and quality, to give them custom 3D lettering that projects the image they are looking for. We hope the information in this article will help you to make an informed decision about your 3D lettering.

What is formed plastic 3D lettering and can I really get it customized?

Formed plastic 3D lettering is made from a material called Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB). This is a non-petroleum plastic. Using an inexpensive mold allows the letters to be customized. This doesn't only apply to letters, you can also use it to make custom shapes for your logo. Formed plastic letters and shapes provide the deepest dimension for the money.

There is also a variety of colors to choose from. If you can't get the exact color you want, the formed plastic letters can also be painted. They are quick to make and simple to install. Custom 3D plastic letters hold up well under all kinds of weather and environmental conditions and can be made up to a height of 60".

Where is custom plastic lettering usually used and are they expensive?

Because there are so many choices in the depth and dimensions of formed plastic letters they are a good choice for virtually any business, organization or institution. Using plastic letters is a common practice in Charleston 29418 area for financial institutions, office parks, and even national retail chains. This is a very good choice for a cost effective 3D letter.

Aren't custom 3D wood letters the cheapest choice in letters?

No. We don't actually recommend 3D wood letters for most of our customers. They are not as cost effective as a plastic or metal 3D custom letters and they quite often will take more time to produce. If you have a time frame that you need your custom letters, allow for additional time if wood letters are your choice.

Am I wasting my money if I use foam 3D letters outside?

We recommend against using our foam custom letters on your outdoor signage. However you can use them on interior spaces to create a professional and attractive first impression. The custom foam letters are light weight and cost effective, with great flexibility in the design. A number of Charleston companies have chosen foam as the material of choice for their interior sign needs.

Are metal 3D letters such as solid brass as expensive as they sound?

Metal letters are manufactured one by one in aluminum, bronze, brass, copper or steel. You also have a choice of cast metal or fabricated metal. There are also a wide variety of finishes that can enhance your custom lettering. Custom metal letter prices are also surprisingly competitive. You can balance cost and appearance and come up with a custom design that fits both your sign letter needs and your budget.

There is a cost difference between cast metal 3D letters and fabricated metal. Fabricated metal letters do cost more because of the hands on that is required to solder the letters as needed. The fabricated letters are all made with a stainless steel base and the soldering is done with a lead free silver solder. These 3D letters can also be made to hold LED lights to add dimension to your custom letters.

Cast metal letters allows you to create custom letters that are deeper than any other product. They also can have more dimension to the letters or logo. The melted virgin bronze and aluminum ingot mixture lends itself to the casting process allowing exact duplication of a custom design. If you expand your business or have a need for the exact same 3D letters they can be reproduced exactly as they were the first time.

Should I just choose the cheapest letters?

We recommend that no one immediately choose the least expensive custom letters or signs. Quality is important when you are looking at the image that you want to promote for your Charleston company. At we try to educate the public about signs and letters. We hope that you will take the information and make an informed decision...the decision that best matches your needs.

So, how do you get custom 3D Wood, Metal or Plastic Sign Letters for your storefront in Charleston, SC? Give us a call and we will help you find the custom 3D lettering that is right for you.

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